Chevy spots offer worst-in-class pandering


We've written about the Chevy Traverse campaign before, when they were taking flak for their controversial idea of the perfect man. Still, Chevy seems committed to its strange efforts at pandering to women. Its latest spot from Campbell-Ewald takes a turn for the surreal when, for no apparent reason, it starts raining shoes. Our protagonist is lucky to have best-in-class cargo room, and she's scores a huge haul of disgusting, probably used heels. That's right: It doesn't rain Blahniks. It rains a huge array of oddly colored, subjectively sized, random shoes. We're left to wonder things like: Why doesn't she get brained by any of those shoes? If hail can dent cars, why can't a four-pound falling clog? And what kind of woman actually dreams of raining shoes: a 6-year-old who just read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? I'm not going to tell Chevy it's embracing a horrible stereotype. Some women adore shoes. But they want to see them in posh stores on little pedestals, or possibly on sale, not falling from the sky like the local Payless just got hit by a suicide bomber.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers