Check out the pathetic old geezers

Teamusa_backstretchOld people really are hilarious when they try to act like young people. That truism underpins scores of soda ads, most of which show Grandma cackling maniacally while tear-assing on a skateboard through an impressed batch of baggy-pantsed slackers. Into that proud tradition step BBDO New York’s Jason Hoff and Sherrod Melvin, creators of this year’s call for entries for the Young Creatives Competition (open to those 28 and younger) at Cannes, in which they competed for the U.S. last year. “Enter while you still can,” say all three ads, each of which shows a group of haggard older folks doing painful-looking exercises. (Someone alert the AARP!) Adds the body copy: “You’re only young once. Don’t squander it.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd