Canadian Lay’s spot is freakiest of February

After a weeklong vote, this ad for Lay's potato chips by Canadian agency Juniper Park, starring the office drone who becomes an inflatable balloon, has been deemed the freakiest ad of February by AdFreak readers. See all 10 contenders here. The Lay's spot won with 27 percent of the vote. The runners-up were the U.K. Department for Transport's "Kill Your Speed" ad with the man who's haunted by the corpse of a boy he killed while driving (18 percent); the Israel AIDS Task Force's "Doubt" spot with the little slithery man who personifies fear (13 percent); the gross Boost Mobile "Coroner" and "Bicycle" ads (12 percent); and the H&R Block "Cyclops" spot (also 12 percent). They will all get a spot in our year-end Freakiest Ad of 2009 contest.

—Posted by Tim Nudd