Brand Tags tell marketers the hard truth

I’m a skeptic of tag clouds. I don’t find them a compelling navigation tool. Avenue A/Razorfish’s Garrick Schmidt once aptly summed them up to me as “the mullet of the Internet — seemed like a good idea at the time, but now kinda embarrassing.” That said, I’m on board with a new project by Naked’s Noah Brier. His site, Brand Tags, creates a tag cloud for brands based on a quiz of the first thing that pops into a visitor’s mind. Just visit the site, give a few one-word thoughts, or click here to go straight to browsing the answers. The early results are telling. Take Google vs Yahoo. Google has an enormous “search” tag, while Yahoo’s cloud is peppered with terms like “dead,” “death march,” “doomed” and “old.” If you’re using Twitter, Noah’s looking for brands to add.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey