Brad Pitt serves a sumo in Softbank’s spots

In the grand tradition of Americans doing wacky Asian ads, Brad Pitt is back with a few more commercials for Japan’s Softbank. In the new spots, directed by Spike Jonze, Pitt plays a personal assistant to sumo champ Musashimaru. The tagline is, “Serving you in any way necessary,” which in Pitt’s case involves Pitt feeding sushi to the 520-pound Samoan (in the ad above) and daintily carrying him when his shoe breaks (in the ad below). In reality, Softbank’s slogan is quite literal. It’s is a diversified corporation that owns a financial-services company and the Fukuoka Hawks baseball team, and is the official carrier for the Japanese iPhone 3G. Clearly, they have enough money to hire Western talent (including, previously, Wes Anderson) to wipe the mouths of their yokozuna when the moment arises.

—Posted by David Kiefaber