Bonnie Tyler tries harder in Avis GPS spot

This Avis commercial, with the guy who falls in love with his helpful female-voiced Garmin GPS system, has a lot going for it. Comical premise, good acting and, most of all, one of the top power ballads of all time, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It’s a shame we get basically less than 10 seconds of it. It’s unclear if the song has been used in advertising before, but the music video, which gets more and more surreal as its five and a half minutes tick by, is easily one of the best things ever recorded on film. The song is making a bit of a comeback in general. Last year Bonnie Tyler returned to U.S. television after many years away, singing a duet of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Lucy Lawless. You can catch the gravelly-voiced Welsh singer in concert this summer, but mostly in Europe. UPDATE: Looks like this isn’t the only guy who’s fallen for a GPS.

—Posted by Tim Nudd