Boise balks at brainless boobs billboard

Boobs It’s not just Boston anymore! Add Boise, Idaho, to the list of communities that can get upset over titillating ad campaigns. Case in point: Boise moms are ticked off about this billboard for syndicated radio dudes Bob & Tom, who market themselves as “2 boobs in the morning.” (A high-brow show, no doubt, probably with pithy banter on world events and a Tom Lehrer theme song. Not.) You’d think citizens who have George Parker living in their midst as well as bakeries that compare their bagels to vaginas would shrug this off as mildly vulgar at best. But Boise’s populace his risen up and pressured the local station to remove the billboard. Take a guess which visual elements bothered them. Unlike Bob & Tom, you won’t need more than one.

—Posted by David Gianatasio