With BlackBerry, enjoy all play and no work


In this new BlackBerry spot, BBDO makes an exhaustive effort to portray the Torch smartphone as a device that makes the business world more fun. Subways and elevators become roller coasters! Rush-hour traffic turns into bumper cars! Airplanes are toy jets! (Sorry, no licorice-whip escape slides.) The gal who collects your TPS reports glides past on roller skates! Visually, this is an awesome ad with memorable imagery. Still, who wants a whimsical smartphone? Most folks would settle for one that doesn't lose its signal in midtown. Moreover, while the stuff shown here might be fun (for a 6-year-old), how exactly does this device lighten the soul-crushing load of one's workday? Sure, downloading the Buddy Holly song to your handset might make you smile, but what about the other seven hours and 58 minutes of your day? (Actually, if your workday is only eight hours long, you're having more fun than most of us.) UPDATE: Commenter is correct, this is technically an AT&T spot, co-branded with BlackBerry.