This Auto-Loan Brand’s Colognes Can Help Anyone Smell Like a Dirty Pickup Truck

Sadly, they're not for sale

Old Spice gave us "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." But what if you'd rather reek like a dusty old pickup rather than an average guy armed with a brand-name deodorant?

At last month's North American International Auto Show, Ally Auto—the auto financing unit of Ally Bank—picked a fragrant way to make its booth stand out by featuring eight auto-themed colognes ranging from "Muscle Car" to "Family Wagon." The former allegedly combines nitrous oxide, testosterone and burnt rubber, while the latter is said to consist of the essence of baby wipes, crayons and regret. 

The press release tells us "the activation was set up much like the perfume counter at a department store," and you'll be absolutely shocked to learn that this stunt was the opening salvo for a new brand campaign created by Ally's agency of record, Grey New York. 

Ally understands that car financing doesn't always lend itself to sexy narratives, so it presented the public with what we'll call a "scentsual" distraction. Here's the video portion of the campaign, complete with its own space-age bachelor-pad soundtrack.

The best detail again concerns the contents of each fragrance, with the "Eco-Friendly Hybrid" composed of water, grass, tofu and a tiny portion of its most important ingredient: smug.

Many car owners are indeed particular about their preferences, and Ally's campaign microsite goes beyond the eight fragrances on display at the show by allowing users to create their own custom aromas. We combined the familiar smells of instant coffee, pine wood, city smog and a generous portion of facial hair to get … a Beige Dynamic Wagon. (Alas, the scents aren't actually being mass produced.) 

Ally's auto show booth also included a "digital car design experience" that allowed users to create their own perfect set of wheels with a few swipes on an iPad screen. One might ask what all of this aromatic noise has to do with auto loans, but for now we're too busy enjoying the fantasy of driving our coffee-scented wagon from its dusty midtown parking lot to our country house for a pine-fresh weekend in the woods. 

Client: Ally
Title: New Car Smell
Agency: Grey NY

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director: Steven Krauss
Executive Creative Director: Ari Halper
Group Creative Director: Nick Pringle
Group Creative Director: Steve Wakelam
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