Apple should take bite of Lance’s last ride

U2ipod2_2Just as the Outdoor Life Network won’t let Lance Armstrong go quietly, we can’t either. While Lance has been seen shilling for everything from Nike to Subaru to 24-Hour Fitness to Trek, look for one of his most effective pitches before his final Tour de France time trial tomorrow. As usual, Lance will set up outside the team bus to warm up on a stationary bike, facing crowds of fans and dozens of cameras. With those cameras trained on him, the maillot jaune will step into the pedals and do what anyone would do to get in a zone: break out his iPod. An avowed “Crackberry” addict and podcaster himself, Lance likes his technology, and considering he’s dating Sheryl Crow, he obviously has a thing for music. According to CyclingNews, the telltale white cord will be piping pretty standard fare: Coldplay, U2, Foo Fighters. What great product placement for Apple: a legendary athlete using its product to get prepared to do what he does best. If Apple’s not paying for that, it should.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey