Anti-drug ad campaign is now also anti-bug


McKinney has whipped up a handful of new Above the Influence anti-drug ads for the ONDCP starring oversized animals and insects dressed as humans. See all three ads here. The one above shows a pair of slug buddies about to do some serious lines of salt. In the others, a couple of rat-girls prepare to pop some Rat-X, and some slacker wasps get set to inhale some bug spray. The headline on each ad reads, "What's the worst that could happen?" To answer that, Copyranter points to Cecil Adams of Straight Dope fame, who suggests that, in the case of the slugs, the worst that could happen would probably involve the "hiss of desiccating slug fluids." Adams suggests a good alternative is "to put out a pie tin filled with a half inch of beer. The slugs drink the beer, pass out, and drown." But then that would probably be alcohol abuse.

—Posted by Tim Nudd