Amazon Gets Shamelessly, Ridiculously Cute in Prime Ad Starring a Dog With a Bad Leg

Resistance is futile

My heartstrings are getting awfully sore, Amazon U.K.!

Last month, it was the "Nursery" ad with that bespectacled, mop-topped kid struggling to fit in on his first day of school. I wept for a week. Who wouldn't?

I'd just gotten back on solid foods and … bam! … your new Amazon Prime spot, "Best Friends," sends us all into spasms of blubbering, branded histrionics—by featuring a puppy with a bum leg!

It can't romp and play in the park like the other mutts, chasing balls and chomping squirrels, or whatever. So, its owner (who wouldn't look out of place in One Direction) whips out his phone, taps the Amazon app, and orders the perfect product to help Fido carry on stronger than ever before.

My keyboard is slick with tears.

Please, Amazon Prime, no more. I mean, what's next? Babies? Cats? Baby cats? Baby cats in tiny Superman capes, hobbling around on crutches? I couldn't take it. I'd need a box of Kleenex and the rest of the afternoon clear to Skype with my shrink.

Client: Amazon
Agency: Joint London
Creative Director: Damon Collins
Creatives: Algy Sharman, Al Brown
Director: Kevin Thomas