Advertising, soon to be available in pill form

AdtabsIn its new issue on “The Future,” The One Club’s house magazine asks a few agencies to “take a shot at creating an ad of tomorrow.” New York independent Powell envisions an advertising tablet that would distill “the experience of using a product or service into pill form.” In a mock 2020 Associated Press article, Powell conjures up an imagined chain of events: The “first true word of mouth medium” is the brainchild of Consumption, an agency whose partners include an MIT drop-out and the former bassist of a band called the Velvets. After gaining FDA approval, AdTabs are first used to launch BMW’s X7 (“just imagine the thrill of accelerating through a tight corner at dusk in the English countryside, the just-cut grass fresh in the breeze through your hair”). Predicting a “Tabvertising revolution” and the demise of holding companies that indiscriminately chase new forms of “buzz” marketing, the article ends with a quote from an “industry expert” who gushes: “The only expected AdTabs side effect will be a sharp increase in clients’ sales, not to mention the first true brand buzz.” No oily discharge, apparently. Still, we wonder: Will it be available in a gum?

—Posted by Andrew McMains