Adorable Coca-Cola Ad About Young Love Is Sort of Perfect

Unlike Coke itself, just the right amount of sweetness

This adorable little spot from Fitzgerald + Co. encapsulates everything that's fun and young about the Coca-Cola brand. It shows two kids falling in love, Cokes in hand, at a Six Flags. They ride the rides, but in between, they laugh and play—and don't kiss. That's right, you thought they'd kiss, but that's too cliché. With unbearably sweet innocence, our hero accidentally touches the girl's hand, and she draws a heart on his palm, and then she puts her head on his shoulder as the sun goes down. But there is no kiss and no suggestion that either of them wants anything more than to spend a perfect day together. It warms the old heart cockles with simple, classic storytelling, and provides a refreshing breather from today's cynical world. The ad, directed by Aaron Ruell, is set to air during the NBA playoffs. Credits below.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Fitzgerald+CO
Chief Creative Officer: Noel Cottrell
Creative Director, Copywriter: Mitch Bennett
Creative Director, Art Director: Wes Whitener
Executive Producer: Christine Sigety
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Ruell
Managing Directors: Shawn Lacy, Holly Vega
Producer: Tracy Broaddus
Editorial: Kim Bica, Arcade
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Music Composition: MassiveMusic
Executive Producer: Keith Haluska
Producer: Courtney Jenkins
Creative Director: Elijah Torn
Online Effects: Airship
Artist: Matt Lydecker