Adopted teens want their laundry just right

This Ad Council spot by Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, promoting adoption, does well to avoid the kind of too-cute-for-words approach (adorable kids with perfect teeth) or gut-wrenching guilt trips (adorable kids with perfect teeth menaced by Osama bin Laden) often adopted (so to speak) by such appeals. That said, it also helps explain why teens are difficult to place with adoptive families. That skinny dude whines about the way Dad does laundry and brings over all his dumb jock friends to hang out on the sofa. He'll probably want an iPhone for Christmas. Still, it could be worse. If he didn't get adopted, he might even start writing for an advertising blog! So visit to learn about teens who "would love to put up with you." Let's face it, you're not such a prize yourself.

—Posted by David Gianatasio