21 Ads That (Almost) Make You Miss the ’80s

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21 Ads That (Almost)
Make You Miss the ’80s

By David Griner on Mon Nov 22 2010




“Under One Roof”

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In truth, Sears has always been the place where your dad buys hammers and your mom buys jeans. But in the ’80s, the chain also billed itself as the ultimate place to build a wall-to-wall hi-fi system worthy of your new Loverboy cassette.



Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

“Yum Yum Fun”

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If there’s one thing ’80s ads knew how to do, it was sell the hell out of questionable toys, usually through catchy jingles that will never, ever leave your brain. As one YouTube commenter says of the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, “After making about 2 sno-cones we never had the patience to sit there and grind the ice for 5 minutes, so my sister and I would just squirt the concentrated sugar flavoring right into our mouths.” Money well spent.



Sweet Valley High Board Game

“Get In”

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Finally, every girl could live the ’80s dream: backstabbing her friends and going steady with the biggest douchebag on campus.



Taco Bell

“It’s Just Made For You”

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The sad truth is that in the mid-1980s, it really was this exciting to go to Taco Bell. Also, I give props to the Bell for featuring a gay romance subplot all the way back in ’84. Oh wait, that’s a woman working the drive-through? If you say so.



United Airlines

“Sweet Rolls”

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If there’s one thing that sucked a lot less in the 1980s, it was flying coach. Free sweet rolls? These days, you’re lucky you don’t have to pay to use the bathroom. On most airlines.





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There wasn’t a whole lot of diversity in ’80s advertising, so it’s nice to see all of God’s children jamming to Kool & the Gang in the Wendy’s parking lot.





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Candy-bar advertising was all over the map in the ’80s, but few spots were more memorable than this hypnotic pop-art concoction for Whatchamacallit. Whatever it is, whatever it was, this thing is locked in my brain for eternity.

So, which ads make you pine for the Reagan era? Let us know in the comments.

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