10 days to kickoff: A-B’s new ad chief is itching to play

Super_bowl_xl_logoEven 10 days before the game, it’s getting hard to keep up with Super Bowl advertising hype. And yet it’s our duty to take this amorphous mass of marketing bombast and cook up tasty, bite-size … infosnacks. (There, we said it. Kind of like those disgusting Domino’s pizzas with cheese in the crust that sell so well on Super Bowl Sunday.) Here, then, is the first in what will likely be a daily roundup of S.B. hype. Remember to floss afterward. Anheuser-Busch’s new ad chief, Marlene Coulis, can’t wait for the big day (USA Today). And no wonder: A-B has spent the most money on ads in Super Bowl history—$230 million-plus, according to TNS Media Intelligence (Mediaweek). The Steelers’ Jerome Bettis might be getting distracted by having to film TV commercials (Pittsburgh Post Gazette). Some people think Super Bowl Sunday just isn’t what it used to be (New York Sun). Here are 40 ways to have a great Super Bowl party (Gannett News Service). Disney lets the cat out of the bag and details big plans for game day (PRNewswire).

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor