Dan Walker Smith

Facebook Hit With Porn Spam Attack

Network investigating graphic videos and images

Facebook says a “coordinated spam attack” caused a series of pornographic and violent images to be posted to users’ accounts. The images, posted on Monday, include explicit pictures of self-mutilation, violence,…

Salman Rushdie Takes on Facebook’s Identity Policies

Author tweets his victory

Novelist Salman Rushdie has won his battle with Facebook about what name he can use on his account. The social network had deactivated his account after Rushdie asked to use…

Walmart Rolls Out New Mobile Apps

Updates include budgeting and voice tools

Walmart is releasing new apps for the iPad and iPhone to make shopping more interactive. The world’s largest retailer says the apps will enable a “seamless” shopping experience “both in-store…

Google Changes Search Algorithm

Results now prioritize most recent information

Google has introduced a new "freshness algorithm" to make search results more timely. The changes will affect around 35 percent of all searches. Google will now place websites with new information…

Apple Acts on iPhone Battery Bugs

Will fix iOS 5 software “in a few weeks”

Apple has promised to iron out the battery problems that have been affecting its latest iPhone. AllThingsD reports that the company has admitted to finding “a few bugs” with its…

Adobe Buys Ad Platform Auditude

$120m acquisition marks further move into Web advertising

Adobe is buying Auditude, an online video ad platform. The deal lets Adobe monetize its video publishing tools, according to ZDNet, by integrating Auditude’s ad server with its digital marketing. The…

Microsoft and Mozilla Launch ‘Firefox With Bing’

New browser to challenge Google Chrome

Mozilla has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a new version of the Firefox browser using Microsoft’s Bing as the integrated search option. The deal comes just a few weeks…

Google Music Expected to Launch Next Month

Downloads service is 'close' says Android boss

Google is close to unveiling its new music service, which will apparently mix digital downloads with cloud storage. Google’s head of Android, Andy Rubin, confirmed reports of an upcoming launch at…

Europe to Invest Billions in Broadband

New infrastructure expected to generate investment and jobs

The European Commission is proposing to invest €9.2 billion ($12.8 billion) on super-fast broadband and digital public services to cover the whole of Europe. The BBC reports that the new investment…

Facebook and eBay Team Up for E-commerce

Users can 'want' as well as 'like' items

Facebook and eBay have unveiled a new partnership for online shopping. The new business unit will apparently “seamlessly” integrate eBay with Facebook’s “open graph” platform—its map of friends and social…