The Weather Channel Shows How Talking About the Weather These Days Often Starts a Fight

Nice day, isn't it? Only if you don't care about the planet!

Hot enough for ya?

It seems innocuous enough, and there was a time when that question was simply meant to start a neighborly conversation. It’s called an icebreaker. How quaint.

Today, it’s just as likely to touch off a furious debate about science and melting polar ice caps. In a new piece of original branded content, The Weather Channel puts its finger on that politicized pulse and launches a campaign to “save small talk.”

The cable network knows that any discussion of rain (or lack thereof), sunshine (sometimes searing) or earthquakes (sign of the apocalypse?) can be hazardous to the public dialogue.

That explains the light touch on this short film, from Shareability, that comically pits two sides of the argument against one another at the water cooler, on the beach, at a stand-up comedy show and an exercise class. (Do not mention “early spring” to the guy on the mini-trampoline, or you’ll get an earful about fracking).

“There are those who passionately feel there is a problem, those who are fed up with people claiming or overstating that there is a problem, and those who are just trying to have a polite chat in the elevator,” said Tim Staples, Shareability’s CEO. He added that the marching orders from the client—to encourage those on both sides of the controversy to have a civil discourse—made for “one of the tougher briefs we’ve ever gotten.”

The two-minute video, aimed at the heartland base of weather fans and beyond, urges viewers to find out about climate issues on the channel and share the #savesmalltalk message with anyone who needs to chill out.

Client: The Weather Channel
Agency: Shareability

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