The Week on AdFreak, April 18-22, 2011

The best of AdFreak for the week of April 18, 2011.

Old Spice1

It was a celebrity-heavy week on AdFreak, but the biggest star of all turned out to be an unfamiliar face—Old Spice's new super-suave spokesman introduced in ads overseas for the brand's Danger Zone line of products. In a hilarious spot by Wieden + Kennedy, our hero treks through a jungle in pursuit of a woman, getting ravaged along the way by snakes, crocodiles, and pirañas—and hit by a bus. But he proudly survives, even if all flesh below his waist does not. The ads may target non-U.S. markets, but Isaiah Mustafa might be quivering in his towel nonetheless. Brand-New Manly Man Freshens Up Old Spice Campaign

Celebrity billboards2

A pair of celebrity billboards were notable for their hilarity this week. First, Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old star of the much-loathed YouTube hit "Friday," erected a monument to herself in Hollywood—a garish billboard celebrating 100 million views. Also in Hollywood, Mike Tyson appeared, bizarrely, on a Last Chance for Animals billboard advocating veganism. "Love animals, don't eat them," said the board, showing Tyson kissing a dove—and surely not biting the side of its head in the process. Rebecca Black Celebrates Herself With Giant Billboard Mike Tyson Gets Even Kinder, Gentler on Billboard

Tuki Brando3

Another curious celebrity ad presented itself on Friday—a new print execution for luxury watch brand TechnoMarine starring Marlon Brando's grandson, Tuki Brando. Tuki isn't your ordinary spoiled celebrity progeny. His father was shot dead before he was born; his mother committed suicide; and his grandfather left him out of his will. If you can survive that, you're probably not taking much for granted in life. A fascinating figure in a fascinating advertisement. Marlon Brando's Grandson: Not Your Typical Ad Model

Kate Moss4

We wrap up our celebrity beat this week with Kate Moss's crazy-odd commercial for Chilean clothier Basement in which she breeds with a giant rabbit. After seducing the bunny with her charms, as well a big bunch of carrots, the supermodel wakes the next day to find herself surrounded by little Moss-Bunny offspring. How this sells clothes is unclear, but it's a decent safe-sex PSA. Kate Moss Breeds With a Bunny in Lunatic Fashion Ad

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