Strap on your video game for extra pleasure

Hill, Holliday group creative director Tim Cawley describes gaming device Immerz this way: "The 'headphones' send low-frequency vibrations into your chest cavity ... and jangle your nervous system. Somehow, you actually 'feel' the game. The slope of the ground underfoot. Danger lurking just out of sight. Bullets whizzing overhead." Here's the thing: If I want my nerves jangled, I'll head to Starbucks. And if I'd like to get caught in a crossfire, I'll enlist. The Boston agency's launch video for the product features a typical violent gaming hero challenging users to feel what he feels during alien battles and such. Hey, tough guy, cork up that cake-hole, OK? Experiencing the terrifying intensity of combat is your job. Mine's reaping the glory of a high score. Plus, you just know someone will claim they got a heart attack using this thing.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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