Rhett & Link's Greatest Hits: Their 10 Most-Viral Local Commercials Is Robert Lee on top? Nope! Chuck Testa

Butt Drugs5

With a name like Butt Drugs, it has to be good—or at least, it has to be stuffed with innuendo. Year: 2010.

Roller Kingdom4

"Prison is full of people that has never roller skated." A 4-year-old girl delivers one of the classic lines from the Rhett & Link canon in this anti-drug spoof for Reno's Roller Kingdom. Year: 2012.

Cullman Liquidation3

Robert Lee doesn't care if you buy a mobile home from him at Cullman Liquidation or not. It won't hurt his feelings. He's been through a lot worse. One of the Rhett & Link's crowning achievements, deemed by Errol Morris to be "the best commercial ever made." Year: 2009.

Red House Furniture2

Red House Furniture doesn't discriminate. It sells furniture for black people and white people. And Hispanic people. And all people. Analyzed to death upon its release. Year: 2009.

Ojai Valley Taxidermy1

Rhett & Link's runaway megahit for Ojai Valley Taxidermy. More than 11 million views and counting, featuring the man-meme himself. Yep! Chuck Testa. Year: 2011.

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