Most Brutal Prankvertising Stunt Yet Might Kill You Before It Can Save You Leo Burnett ambushes you in the loo

We've written here and there about prankvertising and the joy marketers seem to derive from scaring the crap out of people in public places. This video eclipses them all, though, for the sheer bluntness of its fear factor. Perhaps not surprisingly, the #PubLooShocker campaign is a drunk-driving PSA—which means all bets are off when it comes to any kind of restraint. Hope Leo Burnett had a plan for cardiac arrests.

We've written about the advertiser, British road-safety campaign Think!, many times before. It's almost always horror-movie stuff. Have a look back at the notorious Damien spot, as well as this famous bartender ad, which actually features some stunning acting.

Via Unruly Media.

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