KFC once again has something to hide

Kfc KFC has issued a challenge. Clearly, it's not chicken. (Sorry.) From the release: "After pioneering the first-ever documented hidden message in a national TV ad in 2006, KFC has pushed the marketing envelope even further by hiding something special in the latest Snacker advertising, both in-store POP and again in broadcast television commercials, giving thousands of Americans a chance to win.” I dunno if I like my fast food coming with hidden “specials,” quite frankly. I flash on a finger, like the one found in French fries in The Hitcher. And KFC’s prize—the “chance to win a free Snacker sandwich”—doesn’t sound so great either. I don’t even want to try to find the hidden message. Is it “Paul is dead?” Actually, he’s at Starbucks. Same thing, basically. Here’s Moby’s latest video, which has a message KFC might find insightful.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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