Fox putting its fake-news expertise to work

Chuck As if there were any line left between art and commerce, Fox is dispatching fake news vans to promote its new Kelsey Grammer sitcom, Back to You, about a pair of news anchors at a local TV station. Leftie wags would accuse the real Fox News of being largely fake, but I’d never stoop so low. The promo vans will cruise Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend, and actors wearing news blazers will dispense pens and other freebies. That’s an idea the real news media should adopt; it could only improve our image with most Americans. Taking its cue from the Simpsons Movie tie-in that “Simpsonized” user photos, there’s also a Back to YouAnchorizer” site that creates images of users at a desk with the show’s stars. That should give embattled CBS anchor Katie Couric a way to pass the time if her ratings slip any lower and she winds up unemployed.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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