Apple's 'Get a Mac,' the Complete Campaign Hodgman and Long, ad characters for the ages


Click to view.January 2007. PC introduces himself, but in Mac's place is an impostor, who's clearly been hired by PC to say bad things about Macs. The guy recites poorly memorized line to flatter PC. The real Mac arrives soon after, and the impostor Mac says he's a big fan.


Click to view.January 2007. PC, seen in a hospital gown, explains that he is upgrading to Windows Vista, which requires "major surgery" internally. PC admits he is worried about the process and bequeaths his peripherals to Mac should he not survive.

Tech Support22

Tech Support
Click to view.January 2007. A technician is set to install a webcam on PC, using masking tape to attach it to his head. PC is extremely pleased, but upon hearing that Mac has a built-in webcam, he storms off without waiting for the camera to be fully installed.


Click to view.February 2007. The campaign really hits its stride here, as PC is a joined by a tall Secret Service-style bodyguard, who represents Vista's much-criticized new security feature. He intrusively demands that PC cancel or allow every incoming or outgoing interaction he has with Mac.

Computer Cart24

Computer Cart
Click to view.April 2007. PC and three of his kind sit on a computer cart, waiting for be fixed after getting error messages from Vista. Mac explains that he doesn't get cryptic error messages. PC figures he'll be back, but isn't confident about the PC with the fatal error. "He's a goner," PC whispers.


Click to view.April 2007. Mac asks PC if he'd like to see a Web site and home movie he made. This provokes a flashback to when they were kids: When Mac asks PC if he'd like to see some artwork he did, PC uses a calculator to gauge the time he just wasted. Back in the present, PC does the same thing again.


Click to view.April 2007. A hilariously rotund PC enters, explaining that all his trial software is fattening him up and slowing him down. Mac says he only comes with the software you want. As PC gets to center stage, Mac begins his intro again, but PC says he's forgotten something and slowly leaves.

Choose a Vista27

Choose a Vista
Click to view.May 2007. The campaign continues to hammer on Windows Vista. Confused about which of the six versions of Vista to get, PC spins a big game wheel. "Come on, big operating system!" he cries. But he lands on Lose a Turn, and Mac questions why that space is even on the wheel.


Click to view.May 2007. Mac introduces PC to one of the Apple Geniuses from the Apple Store. PC tests the Genius, starting with math questions. He eventually asks her, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much he loathes Mac. To which she answers: "11." PC responds: "She's good. Very good."

Party Is Over29

Party Is Over
Click to view.May 2007. PC throws a party celebrating Vista, but it's a sad affair. He complains to Mac that after upgrading, he can't use some of his old software and peripherals. PC then talks with another partygoer about throwing another party in five years, but they can't agree on a day.


Click to view.November 2007. PC is introduced as a boxer, and says he's not going down without a fight. Mac says it's not a competition, that people just want a computer that's simpler and more intuitive. The ring announcer then admits his brother-in-law got a Mac and loves it.


Click to view.November 2007. PC stands at a podium like a politician, urging those who are having compatibility problems with Vista to just buy new hardware. ("It's not about what Vista can do for you, it's what you can buy for Vista.") But he then admits to Mac that he himself downgraded to Windows XP.

PR Lady32

PR Lady
Click to view.November 2007. Mac and PC are joined by a PR woman, whom PC has hired to put a positive spin on Windows Vista. But PC keeps shooting himself in the foot. The PR woman helps him out, but when he says people are switching to Mac, all she can muster is a meek "No comment."


Click to view.December 2007. PC is on the phone with PC World, attempting to report a misprint that said Macs can run Windows Vista faster than PCs do. PC says that's impossible, but Mac says it's true. PC then says he'll put Mac on the phone to sort things out, but then he impersonates Mac.

Now What?34

Now What?
Click to view.December 2007. PC shows off his new book, I Want to Buy a Computer … Now What? to help people navigate the buying process. Mac says Apple Stores are there to help, before and after a purchase. PC says he thought of that and brings out another volume, I Just Bought a Computer ... Now What?

Santa Claus35

Santa Claus
Click to view.December 2007. The campaign gets animated for the holidays, with PC and Mac joined by Santa Claus to sing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." PC spoils the song by inserting a sales pitch. "That's how I learned it," he says.

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