WRC Anchor Leon Harris Gets Jail Time in DUI Case

By Kevin Eck 

WRC anchor Leon Harris has been sentenced to jail and probation for driving under the influence of alcohol earlier this year.

Harris was sentenced to one year with all but 10 days suspended. WRC said that means he’ll spend 10 days in jail, “at most.” He was also sentenced to three years of supervised probation and has to have an ignition interlock device installed on his vehicle.

The anchor for the Washington, D.C. NBC owned station was charged with DUI after a he rear-ended a car, which, police said, collided with a third car. No one was seriously hurt. Authorities said Harris tried to leave the scene following the crash. Harris faced nine charges, including DUI and DWI, which are misdemeanors.


WRC removed Harris from his anchoring duties after his arrest. He was later reinstated.

“After drinking, I decided to get into my car and drive. This is the worst decision I could possibly have made,” Harris said. “I have thanked God every day that—since that night—the accident did not result in someone’s death. I put the safety of others at risk; for that, I cannot apologize enough.”

The state’s attorney’s office said Harris is scheduled to turn himself in on Friday evening. He has the right to appeal.