This Ebook Uncovers the Secret to the Google Marketing Platform

How Mini Took a People-Based Approach to the Customer Journey

Marketers are only just starting to realize the full potential of people-based marketing. The key? Combining big data assets with real-time modeling via combining solutions like the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform.

To help marketers wrap their heads around this new frontier, Merkle has released a new ebook, “Data-Driven Marketing in the Google Marketing Platform.” It takes a deep dive into how to achieve true people-based marketing from configuring your technology to organizing your team around new workflows to implementing an evolved data strategy.

Check out the complete ebook, “Data-Driven Marketing in the Google Marketing Platform”

Showing this in action, a case study of auto brand Mini looks at how it was challenged to tie online consumer behavior to real-world dealer sales data. The solution involved sending customers a post-purchase email with advanced configurations in Google Tag Manager. It then used Google BigQuery to discover deeper insights in real-time. In the end, Mini was able to come up with a plan of action to track online to offline conversions.

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