Kimberly Dillon

Kimberly Dillon Voice Network Badge Voice Network contributor, an ongoing writer for our guest opinion column.

Opinion Contributor
Kimberly Dillon is the founder of Plant & Prosper, a cannabis strategy practice that works with both THC and CBD clients across the country. She was the former CMO of Papa & Barkley and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Transparency in Cannabis Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Especially following the scandals with vaping and e-cigarettes.

Cannabis Brands Put Too Much Focus on Women Who Want CBD Without a High

They’re missing an entire segment of their female consumer base.

It’s Time to Put an End to Whitewashed Cannabis Marketing

Using only white people in campaigns isn’t destigmatizing marijuana; it’s racist.

How to Create a Cannabis Product That Complies With Laws While Captivating Consumers With Its Packaging

It needs to be straightforward, clear-cut and dazzling.