Application Backlash, InfoWorld Offers 6 Solutions

Lena West over at InfoWorld is preaching to the choir when it comes to widget applications in the world of social media. For as long as I have been looking […]

Twitter's top 10…er maybe 12

Dan Zarrella just posted an amazing guest post over at Read Write Web about how to get real value out of your twitter account. Learning to be a better tweeter […]

Can we gag Facebook?

The Toronto Star just published an article focusing on a police injunction and a gag order. The sum of the article is that traditional media had been issued a gag […]

Universal Music doesn't like iLike

Peter Kafka over at Silicon Alley Insider wrote an interesting piece about Universal Music’s noted absence from iLike’s music selection. Kafka seems to think Universal’s absence is due to its […]

Where is your lift pass?

I grew up in NY and PA, my father was a NYC police officer and when he retired we moved to PA. Living in this area I was exposed to […]

Top Five PR Tips For Start Ups

I got my start in this business working in Public Relations. I attended a fine school for PR and worked several jobs in PR ranging from PR Firms to a […]

There is More to Networking Than Meeting People

A good friend of mine, a female we will refer to as Megan, mentioned to me the other day that she has a problem networking. She is an attractive young […]

Is LinkedIn On Point?

LinkedIn just released “5 Tips to Jumpstart your Career in 2008.” Naturally interested, I took a look, and was relatively pleased with what I saw in the headings, but a […]