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2019 ADCOLOR Awards: Celebrating the Champions of Diversity and Inclusion

Presenting the 2019 class of honorees, nominees and Futures have stood up to the status quo and stared down fear while moving us all forward.

2018 ADCOLOR Awards: Celebrating the Champions of Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrate and be inspired by the honorees and nominees for the 2018 ADCOLOR Awards.

Solving the Riddle of Mobile Viewability

Viewability has never been more important to ad buyers and publishers.

5 Ways Digital Targeting Is Taking Over Analog Media

Data-driven, automated media buying doesn’t just apply to digital channels.

This Is What a (Brand) Safety-First Approach Looks Like

Brand safety is hardly a new issue, but it recently returned to the forefront.

Why 6-Second Formats Are Saving Digital Video Ads

Is six seconds the new magic time for ad engagement? The snackable video ad—popularized by the YouTube’s non-skippable Bumper—is poised to become one of the go-to formats for maximizing the […]

What’s the Best UI for Search? No UI At All

Remember when your phone’s voice assistant was a fun, little novelty and you’d ask it to call you some silly name? You know, like, two years ago. Well guess what? […]

What 6 Data Leaders Have to Say About Audience Targeting

Marketers face a number of obstacles when trying to meet the golden rule of reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. Data quality, attribution, consumer […]

Are Robo-Advisors the Key to Improving Customer Experience in Finance?

Take emotion out of investing. That basic maxim of financial success—that the euphoria of an up market, the anxiety of tumbling stock prices can cloud your thinking when it comes […]

Conversational Commerce Is What Retail Is Talking About Today

Think back to the best shopping experience you ever had. Chances are it involved a well-informed and upbeat salesperson who engaged with you, asked about your needs and guided you […]