Tom Messner

The Tuesday Team: The Inside Story of the Admen Who Got Reagan Re-elected in ’84

Mike Deaver had an idea. Instead of making commercials and a convention film with the political professionals, he wanted to see what Madison Avenue could do taking on Ronald Reagan's re-election.

Art & Commerce: Burned By Bloggers

Have you ever scrolled through any of the blogs devoted to the advertising business?You should for your own self-interest: You never know when you will find yourself on the receiving […]

Art & Commerce: Sorry To Say, It’s So

Say it ain’t so, Joe,” has, 88 years later, given way to, “Say it ain’t so, Tim.” That’s the time that’s passed between Joe Jackson’s Black Sox scandal and Tim […]

Art & Commerce: The Perfect Storm

Al Gore (former two-term vice president, former multi-term senator and congressman, former nominee for president who won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote, former candidate for the Democratic […]

Art & Commerce: Ask The Expert

My favorite politician of all time was Sen. S.I. Hayakawa from California, and not just because he constantly fell asleep during hearings and sessions. When he was running for the […]

Art & Commerce: Volume 1, Number 1

Iused to collect first issues of magazines. Sports Illustrated’s first cover was Eddie Matthews of the Milwaukee Braves, newly moved from Boston and heading toward a 47-homer season, taking a […]

Art & Commerce: Back In Business

The problem with socialism is socialism; the problem with capitalism is capitalists.” So said Herr William Schlamm some 50 years ago. I didn’t overhear Willi getting off his mot, but […]

Giving Your Work Away

Consumers, those hot new creatives taking over the business, need to improve their compensation agreements or suffer the consequences: Chapter 11 and penury.To date, You the Consumer’s most visible creative […]

Travelin’ Man

James Dines, the almost infallible investment analyst (precious metals, Internet bubbles, uranium mining stocks), said a while ago that because of such pressing issues as the Holy Trinity versus monotheism […]

War Correspondence

“Sept. 11 was my call to action. If you saw the towers fall and smelled the burning rubble—you understand why I joined.”This is BBDO vp, associate creative director Vann Graves […]