Sid Ross

Hey, Big Spender!

In the brick-and-mortar world, it really doesn’t matter how many people window- shop your wares. Nor does it matter how many people come inside the store, mill around and comment […]

Books, Travel Tops for e-Shoppers

When the history of commerce on the Internet is written, one thing will be crystal clear: e-shoppers like to buy books and airline tickets on the Web. In what may […]

Shipping Out

No one likes shipping and handling charges. But when buying a sofa from the local department store, one might be inclined to accept the S&H charge as a necessary evil. […]

Portals Popular

With the Web–as with life–trading e-mails is good, but getting what you want is better. According to a new report, Web sites that offer Internet services, such as free e-mail, […]

What, Me Worry?

Though recent news coming out of the Internet sector–regarding ad sales and the dot-com fallout–has hardly been inspiring, a new report sees brighter skies ahead. In fact, the skies are […]

Surf It Again, Sam

Remember that classic moment in “Casablanca,” when an angst-ridden, shot-drinking Humphrey Bogart turned to Ingrid Bergman and said, “Of all the gin joints in town, you had to walk into […]

Volleyball.Net Radio

What were people doing on the weekend leading into Memorial Day besides preparing the barbecue on the back lawn? There’s evidence that many were listening to the radio–but not necessarily […]

SAT Students Hit the Books & Web

While many high school students are still gathering at their local libraries to cram for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, it’s a sure bet that just as many of them are […]

Tune In, Drop Off

In the offline world, a “drop off” can refer to a package being left on a doorstep. In the online world — at least according to Seattle-based Avenue A, a […]

Finding Its Niche

In what seems like further evidence that businesses are trying to be more savvy in their use of the Internet to sell products, the consumer packaged goods industry increased ad […]