Sid Ross

Traffic Soars to IRS.Gov

In yet another example that offline events continue to influence online behavior, a deluge of expectant taxpayers flooded the Internal Revenue Service’s official Web site. The Web surfers were searching […]

E-Consumer Round Up

–How are consumers using the Internet? Let us count the ways. Actually, there are really only two: users either shop online and then go offline to buy what they want, […]

Sex and the Internet

Last fall, Adweek magazine (Adweek IQ, October 30) reported that the “one segment of online entertainment that has flourished where others have failed” was pornography. Now a new survey has […]

The Net Moves to the Middle

Two months ago, the Briefing cited a Yahoo Internet Life report that stated Net users were, basically, hipper, younger, richer and better educated than their non-Web surfing counterparts. Specifically, the […]

Real Traffic

It’s supposed to rain. You want more info, so you sit down at your computer and log onto, and what’s the first thing you see? Icons of storm clouds? […]

The Future (and Past) of M-Commerce

Most cell phone users don’t feel comfortable with ads on their phones. That is, users aren’t comfortable enough to actually reach out and buy something. Industry wisdom has held that […]

The Skinny on Data Collecting

Talk about counting eyeballs. Usually, when it comes to the presentation of Web data, the first things monitored are page counts and ad impressions. But in a new report published […] in Fine Mid-Season Form

Sports sites, like news and weather sites, are very much dependent on offline events., for instance, saw its numbers double around the time of racing legend Dale Earnhardt’s death. […]

The Numbers Game

There’s nothing especially newsworthy about the fact that nearly half of the U.S. adult population has made at least one purchase online. But it might help explain a new study […]

Auction Fever

Wanna get rid of that old bookcase? Tired of looking at the glass coffee table in the living room? Or maybe you just want to sell that vile of earth-shattering […]