Mike Shields

Bud Dominating Pre-Super Bowl Engagement

When it comes to the pre-Super Engagement Bowl, the game is already over, and Budweiser won by two touchdowns. Though Axe played admirably.

The Super Bowl Web Video Ad Blitz

Last week, execs at Google said that they anticipated advertisers would start treating the Super Bowl as a promotional season—one that kicks off the day after Christmas. There's lots of evidence of brands hyping their Super Bowl spots earlier and earlier this year. Here's more:

Google Boasts Strong Q4

It's tough to quibble with 22 percent year-on-year growth, which resulted in a $15.7 billion quarter for Google. Not to mention that Google-owned sites enjoyed a similar 22 percent year-over-year spike, hitting $10.6 billion (67 percent of the company's total revenue).

NFL Now Is About Web Video Ads, Not Cord Cutting

It's not as easy to find NFL clips on the Web as you might think. That's because the NFL hoards them on NFL.com.

IAB Locks in Traffic Fraud Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has locked in its final guidelines for publishers and advertisers looking to protect themselves against online ad fraud.

Richard Sherman Can’t Cover the Wiener

Since his stellar defense helped put his team in the Super Bowl and his amped-up post-game interview put him at the center of a media storm, Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman has been everywhere.

Demand Media Dumps Direct Sales Business

Demand Media's direct sales business has bought the farm.

Hilarious Bad NFL Lip Reading Soars Pre-Superbowl

"You smell great," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick to one of his players. "Is that pine?"

CollegeHumor Wants to Be on TV and Bring Native Ads Along

CollegeHumor is aiming for the TV set. And it wants to bring more brands with it. As announced earlier today, IAC’s Electus has essentially merged with CollegeHumor Media to form a new entity, Electus Digital. As part of that deal, the company has built out a new production unit, Big Breakfast, with the mission of bringing College Humor styled Web content to more screens, including TV and films.

YouTube Fashion Net Invades Europe

The past year has been filled with anxiety and volatility when it comes to the YouTube network space. Many have questioned the health of multichannel networks (MCN) while complaining about lousy CPMs and shaky business models. So it might be surprising to hear about one MCN rapidly expanding across the globe—while launching lots of new shows and doing some big hiring. But that's what's happening with the beauty and fashioned-focused StyleHaul.