Melissa Rudy

Agora Takes Top Spot in Online Black Market Trade

Agora is quickly gaining steam as the web's biggest black market, as reported by Wired.

Bomb Threat, Hack Attack Disrupt Sony PlayStation

Sony's PlayStation Network is back up and running today after a cyber attack caused a weekend-long outage. No user information was breached, according to a Reuters report.

NFL Brand Partners Kick Off PR Initiatives

As coaches and players ramp up to compete in the 2014 football season, brands are doing the same. Advertising partners of the National Football League are busy finalizing their PR strategies to score more sales.

PacSun, StyleHaul Partner in Back-to-School YouTube Campaign

Lifestyle apparel company PacSun is the latest in a growing number of retailers to partner with YouTube content creators.

Online Ad Firms’ Stocks Slump Despite Revenue Gains

Many online advertising firms are struggling in the wake of falling stock prices, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, even though global spending on online ads is expected to climb 25 percent this year, according to eMarketer, and will r

Study: One in Three Consumers Skip Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school sales will continue to drop this year, according to projections from The Integer Group.

Yahoo Woos Small Retailers With New E-Commerce Offerings

By 2018, e-commerce is expected to make up 11 percent of retail sales in the U.S.—equivalent to $414 billion—according to a study by Forrester Research.

Al Gore Enlists Youth for Climate Control

Al Gore has launched a new climate change awareness campaign as part of The Climate Reality Project. The campaign called “Why? Why Not?” will target young people between the ages of 13 and 21, encouraging them to serve as advocates of the climate change movement.

Hackers Are Tweaking Tinder To Up Their Date Chances

Savvy techies are finding a way to cheat Tinder to up their chances at finding true love. 

Cinnabon Appeals to a Smaller Sweet Tooth

In Cinnabon's latest brand extension, the global baked goods chain will launch a standalone store called Bon Bake Shop. Set to open in mid-September at Willowbrook Mall in Houston, the spinoff will offer a decidedly different image and inventory from its parent company.