Joan Voight

Which Big Brands Are Courting the Maker Movement, and Why

To pack more wallop among the denim-and-leather set, Levi's is turning to people like Alice Saunders, a 29-year-old designer and history buff in Boston with a fetish for World War II duffel bags. Saunders, ironically, could care less about mainstream fashion, preferring vintage felt hats and rustic jewelry.

Oakley Flaunts Its Culture in New Branding Effort

Oakley, maker of sunglasses and sports gear, is throwing open the doors to the inner sanctum where its products have been mysteriously designed, in the hope of joining the ranks of high-flying sports performance brands like Red Bull and Nike.

How Airbnb, Yelp Are Changing Hotel Marketing

As the lodging industry grapples with Airbnb, TripAdvisor and other locally oriented services, major hotel brands are increasingly taking a back seat to the surrounding neighborhoods. “Our facility is no longer the destination,” said one hotel executive. “Now we are a portal to the community around us.”

Citi Pushes to Be the ‘Amazon of Banking’

Citi is straining to break ahead of the financial services pack with user-friendly digital tools aimed at making banking with Citi as easy as shopping with Amazon. The bank chain is rolling out upgraded customer-centric ATMs in the U.S. this month and on Feb. 3 launched a revamped mobile app that lets you check your balances with a tap.

McAfee CMO Penny Baldwin Pivots Around an Infamous Founder

Penny Baldwin, cmo of Internet security firm McAfee, enjoys the heroic role of helping worried consumers protect their online identities and privacy. But at the same time, her company grapples with its own identity problem.

Virgin America, StubHub Hook Up for Flying Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Virgin America airline partnered with StubHub to pitch perhaps the only Cyber Monday deal having nothing to do with the holidays: a package for 40 well-heeled friends that includes tickets to the Super Bowl, a charter flight from California to Newark (the game will be played at MetLife Stadium in N.J.), and three nights in Manhattan. Cost: $250,000 (or about $6,400 a person).

Coke and Pepsi Face Diabetes Backlash

Mayor Bloomberg’s thwarted soda ban hasn’t been forgotten. Coke and Pepsi are facing a new health-related challenge as doctors increasingly link their sugary beverages to debilitating illness, according to a critical new report by Wall Street bank Credit Suisse and research from Georgetown University, made available exclusively to Adweek.

Green Is the New Black: Levi’s, Nike Among Marketers Pushing Sustainability

Levi’s boasts of designer jeans made out of used plastic bottles. Nike tempts runners with knitted sneakers that it claims cut manufacturing waste by 88 percent. These products may be the tip of a marketing iceberg, as new research shows a growing pool of global consumers are demanding that mainstream brands be sustainable.

Report: Budweiser’s Iconic Packaging Fails to Maintain Brand’s Buzz

When people walk into the market to pick up supplies for a weekend get-together, they often think of Budweiser as an energetic, fun and friendly beer brand—until they hit the beer aisle.

Patagonia Is Taking On a Provocative ‘Anti-Growth’ Position

Sustainable products may well be yesterday’s news—at least according to upscale sportswear brand Patagonia.