Robot Marketing or Human Marketing: Spot the Difference

You're a savvy marketer. You understand that AI is reshaping the advertising and marketing industries. But can you tell the difference between robot and human ad creative, copywriting and research in your everyday?

Making Mobile Safe, Secure and Contextual

Mobile marketers are still trying to master the contextual benefits the platform provides. As they take advantage of the latest formats and targeting options, they also face new challenges related […]

The New Value Proposition for Sports Signage

Sports signage has always been valued on the television exposure it generates, but that’s an outdated model when viewers turn to social media for their daily highlight fix. Our new […]

People Don’t Want to Talk with Humans Anymore and Other Mobile Lessons from L’Oréal

What does it take to succeed with mobile advertising? Maybe not thinking of it as advertising at all, but instead seeing it as an access point into peoples’ lives. AI […]

Give the People What They Want: Building a Better Mobile Ad

It’s pretty clear that people want good mobile experiences.

3 Visual Marketing Superpowers Your Brand Needs

Image recognition is the new superpower for marketers, allowing them to see visual brand interactions on social media that don't include text or hashtags.

Here’s Why the Next Evolution in Social Listening Is Visual Intelligence

Over three billion images are posted daily across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., according to Mary Meeker's latest Internet Trends report. Yet 80 percent of them lack a caption or text that identifies what's in the photo.

What In-Image Advertising Is and Why You Should Be Using It

Before you google "in-image advertising," know that it's exactly what it sounds like: Digital ads overlaid on editorial images. These days, it's one of the few digital ad formats that doesn't sound more complicated than it actually is. And it can be a huge help to marketers and brands looking to take advantage of visual storytelling in our mobile-first world. 

How BMW and Mercedes-Benz Are Pushing the Boundaries of Auto Marketing

Test-driving a car is hard work compared to watching a test drive video on your phone. No wonder the process of buying an automobile is changing, and today's consumers are eager to research—and purchase—their dream rides online.

This Is What a Killer Instagram Ad Campaign Looks Like

Most marketers know visual content is where it's at. According to CMO Council, 65 percent of marketing executives believe that visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated. But creating innovative and effective campaigns on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other visual-based marketing channels can be challenging, to say the least.