Top Digital Execs Chime in on What the Future of Brand Safety Looks Like

Unintended consequences abound

Is your fight for brand safety going too far and preventing your campaigns from reaching their full potential?

If you’re like many digital marketers, defensive tactics like blacklists, whitelists and keyword blocking might actually be suppressing your chance of reaching new audiences. That’s what top digital executives are saying in a new ebook from GumGum, “Moving Brands Beyond the Block List.” A range of leaders weigh in on current brand safety challenges and the future of the industry.

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Here’s a sampling of what they’re saying:

• Ken van Every, VP of programmatic, “Platforms have proven time and again that they can’t grade their own homework. Adding third-party companies is a good idea to oversee that.”

• Amanda Betsold, digital director, iCrossing: “There are so many precautions we’ve put in place between whitelists and blacklists and prebid. We’re doing everything we can.”

• Joshua Lowcock, global brand safety officer, UM: “We manage a media circus and we get selective amnesia afterward. We’ve only got so much leverage and power to go back to a client and say, ‘Don’t advertise on the platform where you know there is an audience’.”

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