Bob Hoffman

Gravity and the Web

Driving through Berkeley, near where I live, it’s not unusual to see a beat-up, old VW bus with a bumper sticker that reads, “Think Globally, Act Locally.” Unfortunately, if there’s […]

Big Brother Has Arrived, and He’s Us

One of the frightening things about human behavior is that horrific social practices are often only recognized as such from a distance. Practices like slavery, binding of feet and infanticide—which […]

Digital Dream World

Welcome to a new world. It’s a world in which people are eager to interact with ads. It’s a world in which consumers want to have relationships with brands and […]

Ads in the Age of Hysteria

We’ve just lived through the most hysterical decade since the first doomsday lunatic discovered you could make a nice buck proclaiming the end of the world.  First, we had the […]