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Wunderkind’s Publisher Growth Suite Bridges The Gap Between AdTech, MarTech For Media Orgs

The full-stack technology infrastructure helps publishers maximize the value of their visitors with holistic ad monetization and audience development offering

Wunderkind, the leading cross-channel performance marketing and advertising software, today announced a holistic ad monetization and audience development offering to help publishers maximize the value of their visitors with a unified user experience. The Publisher Growth Suite has been in private beta with select publisher partners including AP News.

The full-stack technology infrastructure bridges the gap between MarTech and AdTech, providing publishers with the tools they need to identify their audience and extract the optimal value in the form of email submissions, subscriptions, programmatic addressability and high-yielding ad placements. Rather than advertising and marketing strategies operating in silos, often competing for reader attention, the solution enables publishers to meet their audience where they are in their lifecycle, with relevant content.

Additionally, Wunderkind’s Publisher Growth Suite now offers a unique self-sustaining financial model — whereby publishers activate WunderKIND Ads to generate a new and meaningful revenue stream that can absorb platform costs.

The Publisher Growth Suite includes:

  • Wunderkind Identity Framework: Large-scale, deterministic identity solution that informs personalized messaging
  • Personalized Decisioning Engine: identity and intent-driven message decisioning to meet monetization and audience development goals
  • Audience Development: grow your known on-site audience, move them down the funnel, and engage them further via email and text channels
  • Ads Monetization: high-yield ad placements and increased programmatic addressability for industry-leading solutions like Unified ID 2.0

“With the deprecation of the cookie on the horizon, and the future of addressability and monetization dependent upon user opt-in, we see offerings like Wunderkind’s Publisher Growth Suite, which allows publishers to easily deploy cookie-proof technologies, such as UID2, as a necessary tool for forward-thinking publishers,” said Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer at The Trade Desk.

Among the early beta customers is Trusted Media Brands (TMB), which includes properties like Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, and Family Handyman. Since the integration, TMB has seen year-over-year increases in magazine subscriptions (6%), and newsletter signups (46%), all while increasing ad impressions served (84%).

“Wunderkind has been instrumental in helping us hit our audience development goals,” said Emily Christner, Chief Product Officer at Trusted Media Brands. “The best part? This new model allows us to scale that growth and drive additional ad revenue at no cost to us! It’s a win-win.”

“Publishers are the lifeblood of the digital ecosystem, and with the future of monetization being hinged upon user opt-in, we wanted to build a tech stack that can power stability and future growth for the industry,” said Jesse Brewer, VP of Sales and Operations at Wunderkind. “This takes into account all stages of the reader journey, from low intent to high intent, with a complex decisioning engine to ensure a win-win-win for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.”

About Wunderkind Wunderkind is a leading digital marketing platform that delivers performance marketing and advertising solutions to brands, publishers, and advertisers. Wunderkind’s performance marketing solutions allow brands and retailers to scale marketing channels without relying on third-party cookies through proprietary identity management technology purpose-built for web, email, and text. By expertly tailoring, automating, and scaling brand-forward, one-to-one experiences, Wunderkind helps acquire new customers at scale and keep them loyal for life. Unlike any other company, Wunderkind guarantees revenue performance. Wunderkind’s advertising product (WunderKIND Ads) delivers an unparalleled user-first ad experience across a curated list of top-tier publishers. High-impact ads are delivered in a non-intrusive and kind way, once a user disengages, resulting in happier users and higher returns for both advertisers and publishers. Discover how Wunderkind can drive efficient growth for your brand by visiting