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With Exclam, Bite Size expands humor in Montreal.

A festival that relies as much on comedians from here as those from elsewhere in the world, all in new formats.

AOR of the Montreux Comedy group since 2016, Bite Size has developed the brand identity, the website and the launch campaign for this first edition in which, among others, Mike Ward, Amine Radi, Preach, Richardson Zéphir and many others participate.

As comedy is evolving, each Exclam show is an out-of-the-ordinary experience, for which Bite Size has developed a unique visual identity. Pixel connects humor and virtual reality, Babel is a multilingual show that will amaze with technology, and Boom bap harmonizes live and stand-up with musical performance.

Exclam festival visual identity reflects how lively, colorful and diverse the festival is. A striking entry to establish itself in the Canadian comedy scene. The colorful visuals and the omnipresence of movement in the imagery is developed to be flexible and adaptable!

Exclam also displays its colors intensely on the web and on social media. An annual meeting Presented from May 17 to 21, Exclam is launching a first edition that promises to be epic! Montreal will finally have the opportunity to discover dozens of new faces of global Francophone humor.

Tickets and more info available at

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