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VIZIO’s Home Screen Proves the Perfect Condiment For CPG Bellwether’s Branding Campaign

The CPG brand sponsored the “Lifestyle & Culture” content collection, highlighted by a prominent Home Screen Hero unit that drove into the collection

In Q2 of 2023, a CPG giant came to VIZIO to help draw attention to its first global brand campaign in over 150 years. VIZIO Ads was proud to play a significant role by providing the company with prime placement on our most valuable piece of advertising real estate — the VIZIO Home Screen.

As the first destination that all viewers visit when they power up their VIZIO TVs to begin their content discovery journey, the VIZIO Home Screen is both a powerful and delicate opportunity for brand advertisers.

On one hand, the Home Screen delivers unprecedented audience reach by connecting with viewers before they enter their programming environment of choice. On the other, it’s important not to interrupt or impede viewers’ ability to navigate programming and content options.

So VIZIO Ads offers brand advertisers the ability to become a part of that content discovery experience through branded sponsorships of our most valuable content offerings.

In this case, the CPG brand sponsored the “Lifestyle & Culture” content collection, highlighted by a prominent Home Screen Hero unit that drove into the collection. This collection includes popular cooking and home-related programming. The company then supported this high-profile placement with CTV video ads inserted into the programming included in that collection for added visibility.

According to a post-campaign brand lift study conducted with Upwave, awareness, message association, and consideration, all rose as a result of the ad exposure. Specifically, awareness among both men and women saw a statistically significant lift of 95% overall. But the campaign really resonated with Gen Z audiences, for which consideration experienced a lift of over 13 points.

For more details on these and other results, visit the VIZIO Platform+ blog to download the full report.

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