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VIZIO Enhances Household Connect Solution, Helps Marketers Optimize Cross-Device Campaigns

The latest development delivers enhanced analytics and expanded insight into incremental reach and frequency from computers, tablets, and mobile touchpoints

VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) today announced the addition of new partners, features, and analytics to its Household Connect cross-device advertising solution, helping marketers extend TV-first campaigns to additional devices within the VIZIO household, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

This includes the addition of Experian’s Consumer Sync identity resolution into the Household Connect platform, allowing for enhanced targeting, measurement, analytics, and attribution capabilities. Through this collaboration, advertisers will gain enhanced insights into the incremental reach and frequency of Household Connect campaigns across both linear and connected TV video ads, as well as ads included in VIZIO’s WatchFree+ FAST inventory and Home Screen promotions.

These insights enhance the value of the scale that Household Connect brings, thanks to existing data partnerships with TransUnion and Yahoo! (formerly Verizon Media), as well as industry-leading ACR viewership data from VIZIO’s Inscape business, generated from more than 21 million opted-in Smart TVs.

Combined, VIZIO’s Household Connect enables marketers to leverage ACR data segments on and off-platform to create an advanced omnichannel experience for viewers which optimizes messaging and frequency across devices. The offering is available exclusively through VIZIO Ads.

Inscape, along with an ecosystem of best-in-class data partners, powers VIZIO’s proprietary Analytics solution, which helps advertisers build audiences and validate ad impact against a variety of full-funnel KPIs. This includes lift metrics like brand awareness, perception, familiarity, favorability, and purchase intent, as well as bottom-of-the-funnel metrics such as location attribution, site attribution, conversion, and offline sales lift.

“In addition to building out our in-house ad tech team and proprietary ad tech solutions, another big focus for us right now is expanding our ecosystem of best-in-class data partners,” said Travis Hockersmith, Group Vice President of VIZIO’s Platform+ business. “This helps marketers to optimize and better understand the full-funnel impact of campaigns.”

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