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True Voice and Influential Connect Wellness Creators With Black and Brown Creators

True Voice will use Influential’s influencer marketing tools to open up unaddressed audiences for brands.

LOS ANGELES, CA – (May 31, 2023) – True Voice, a wellness app that helps unaddressed and underserved individuals on the path to wellbeing, has formed a partnership with influencer marketing company Influential to bring Black and Brown female creators to the platform — and open up new audiences for brands.

Influential, the world’s largest influencer marketing company, will initially activate six wellness creators, all with sizable audiences on Instagram and TikTok, to produce inclusive and culturally nuanced content. In addition to the content, each influencer will host three live Spaces sessions, a communal part of True Voice where people can participate in conversations and develop habits of radical self care.

“Influential and its creators will give True Voice an exponential increase in both content and reach,” says Will Campbell, CEO of Quantasy + Associates, the digital marketing and technology company behind True Voice. “This partnership will make True Voice a more attractive community for both consumers and brands.”

The combination of Influential and True Voice will make it simpler for brands to reach Black and Brown audiences. Backed by the power of IBM Watson, Influential’s AI-powered Social Intelligence technology measures brand life, offline and online sales, footfall and TV tune-in and can be customized to the brand’s paid amplification strategy to deliver on KPIs. That will have a tangible benefit for diverse creators across campaigns.  

Influencer marketing helps brands to expand their reach to new, untapped audiences in an authentic way that produces quantifiable results. Through this partnership Influential and True Voice hope to not only increase opportunities for diverse creators but also lead the charge of demanding pay equity for diverse creators in the influencer marketing space.   

“At Influential, we’re always looking to expand on building new revenue streams for businesses that are spotlighting underrepresented communities that have notoriously been excluded from their rightful share of advertising revenue,” said Latarria Coy, Head of Ethical Media at Influential. “We are beyond excited to partner with True Voice to provide our technology, data, and measurement capabilities to put more money back in the hands of Black and Brown female creators while helping Black-owned media companies scale their advertising opportunities.”

The creators initially partnering with True Voice are therapists theshaniproject and thecognitivecorner, as well as Instagram creators thewellthybrand, thealishawilliams and faceovermatter.

As a part of Influential’s efforts to create opportunities for underrepresented communities, the company continues to prioritize inclusive campaigns. According to recent data, 91% of Influential’s campaigns feature at least one diverse creator, 57% feature a majority of diverse creators and 14% feature diverse creators exclusively. Influential continues to strive towards increasing this percentage through partnering with companies such as True Voice.

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About True Voice:

True Voice is a wellness platform that offers tools to use on the path to wellbeing. True Voice contains content, community and spaces that speak to the unaddressed and underserved needs —beginning with Black and Brown Women—in the wellness space. True Voice is not meant to replace professional mental health help. Instead, it is to provide a safe space for vulnerability and support for wellness practices. True Voice was created by digital marketing and technology company Quantasy + Associates. 

About Influential:

Influential is an AI-powered technology and is the largest influencer marketing company in the world, by revenue. Leveraging a network of over 3 million social media influencers, Influential’s platform powers seamless talent discovery, comprehensive brand safety, content creation, media, and measurement. Through strategic partnerships with first and third-party data providers, Influential enables exclusive targeting and measurement solutions, including both online and offline attribution, such as sales lift, TV tune-in lift, foot traffic, and eComm sales. Influential works with Fortune 500 brands, including McDonald’s, NBA, General Mills, Ford, and every major studio. With offices in Los Angeles, NYC, and Las Vegas, Influential is a developer partner of IBM Watson, a strategic partner of WME and Oracle, and a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner. (


About Quantasy
Quantasy is a fully integrated brand services agency at the intersection of entertainment, advertising, technology and culture. Understanding that brands can only truly impact culture conversations and connect with their audiences with the right mix of Advertising, Content, Influence, and Platforms + Technology, Q+A helps clients move culture in the right direction through its deep specialisms across all four pillars. Founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, its client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, high-growth start-ups, civic leaders and global entrepreneurs. For additional information, please visit