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Meet Polaris: Wpromote’s New Marketing Tech Platform Built to Drive Profitable Growth

Wpromote launches its new proprietary technology, Polaris, which is already driving profitable growth for clients and moving the industry forward.

Wpromote, the leader of the most recent Forrester Wave for Performance Marketing, has significantly augmented its service offerings with today’s launch of Polaris, a marketing technology platform.

VP of Product Tom Hammel explained that “Polaris was specifically designed to make sure our clients are able to drive significant business growth by putting the best possible tools in the hands of Wpromote’s marketing experts and strengthening integrated marketing performance across the board.”

Polaris was built to solve for a rapidly changing marketing environment by enabling the agency’s digital intelligence, media, product, and engineering teams to collaborate and invent new apps and modeling rapidly, then scale those solutions faster without the expensive price tag. 

Wpromote has already integrated 30+ data sources into its tech stack to make sure those models are built on a rock-solid, privacy-resilient data foundation, and there are already clients reaping the benefits from the apps available at launch.

Polaris launches with three groups of apps, which can be combined and customized depending on the specific needs and objectives of each client: Embark, Navigate, and Discover. Embark forms a strong, integrated data foundation, including clean data capture, collection, and governance across platforms, while Navigate apps layer data science-based analysis and automation solutions to extract deeper insight and create new opportunities for incremental growth. Discover features the most advanced set of apps, including predictive modeling built to find the optimal investment strategy for maximizing returns.

Featured apps available at launch include: 

  • Growth Planner, a high velocity mixed media modeling solution that forecasts across a client’s entire year to find the optimal investment of their available dollars to hit revenue targets.
  • Cluster Analysis, an app that discovers optimization opportunities by identifying patterns hidden in massive amounts of data to prioritize the actions that will have the greatest impact across channels and drive performance gains.
  • Anomaly Detection, a modeled forecast of key marketing metrics that immediately alerts Wpromote’s experts to any spike or drop that constitutes a statistical anomaly so they can investigate possible causes and assess if we need to take action.

Wpromote’s CEO Michael Mothner gave additional insight into how Polaris differs from other agency tech offerings from competitors: “We invested in developing Polaris because our clients needed a transformational, future-proof solution that brings all of these pieces of discrete intelligence together to drive growth without adding massive costs to their tech stack. That’s significantly different from what we’ve seen other agencies putting into the market, where “tech” tends to be focused more on reporting than driving insights that make a tangible business impact.”

Polaris is the product of an industry-leading push to solve for a wide variety of immediate business challenges ranging from siloed platform data and inconsistent data collection to the need to unlock predictive capabilities and significant efficiencies. The platform will help clients truly realize the full potential of their marketing data, so Wpromote’s expert teams can predict the future, not just react to what’s happening right now, and find new paths to profitable growth.

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