What’s the Solution to Marketer Burnout?

What’s the Solution to Marketer Burnout?

Budget-savvy tactics to overcome productivity obstacles

Rising stress. Sinking morale. Duplicate work. Communication breakdowns. Lack of organizational visibility. These are the things that can tank marketing team productivity. Add in the need to deliver more on a shrinking budget, and you can understand why burnout is such a vexing issue for brands and agencies. But better collaboration can be critical to solving these challenges by ensuring marketers move in lockstep toward a common goal.

A new ebook from Smartsheet, “So Long, Silos: Strategies to Bring Teams Closer When Budgets Are Tight,” breaks down specific tactics marketing leaders can use to ensure their teams collaborate more closely. It examines five critical challenges marketing teams face with practical advice to overcome them and build stronger alignment.

Key topics covered include:

  • Avoid duplication: Creative marketers can spend as much as 10 hours/week on repetitive tasks. Simple processes—like properly labeling assets—can ease this burden.
  • Improve productivity: Connecting tools doesn’t just keep people from toggling between apps or websites; it improves overall focus and reduces errors.
  • Help AI help you: Automate tasks like status updates and project detail emails to prevent unnecessary work and missed deadlines.

Empower your team to do more with less. Download the ebook.

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