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Phrase Achieves Premier Partner Status within Contentful Technology Partner Program

As the localization partner of choice, Phrase introduces its cloud-based localization services at scale to the platform’s cross-channel digital ecosystem

Phrase, a world leader in AI-led translation technology, announced it has been awarded Premier partner status within the Contentful Technology Partner Program.

Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that unlocks all of an organization’s digital content to deliver impactful cross-channel customer experiences, making content a strategic business asset. The Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio, and the Contentful Ecosystem combine the flexibility of composable content with the intelligence of AI, empowering digital teams to drive business momentum through collaboration, speed, and scale.

Phrase is widely recognized by global businesses for its capability to enable localization on a large scale through advanced automation and management tools, backed by rigorous quality assurance. This ensures that multilingual content is delivered with consistent accuracy, speed, and scalability. Integrating Contentful with the Phrase Localization Platform allows global operators to maximize the automation of translating digital content with fewer tools and more streamlined workflows. Translation projects in Contentful can be efficiently managed through the Phrase app, from initiating translation projects to directly publishing completed translations, all within the Contentful interface.

“At Phrase, we are reshaping the localization landscape for a dynamic, AI-driven world, and we are delighted to be acknowledged as a Premier Partner by Contentful. Collaborating with forward-thinking companies like Contentful ensures that we deliver substantial value to our shared customers,” stated Jason Hemingway, CMO at Phrase. “As we move forward, automation and the ability to scale effectively are critical for our customers. Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in digital content management makes this a valuable partnership for our customers. It not only enhances our ability to deliver seamless localization but more importantly allows our clients to excel in global markets.”

“We’re thrilled to designate Phrase as a Premier Technology Partner for Contentful,” said Vince de Baca, VP of Strategic and Corporate Development at Contentful. “Premier Technology Partners have delivered proven value to our joint customers offering enterprise-ready apps or high-quality integrations. Phrase’s AI-powered localization platform, coupled with its rigorous automated quality assurance processes, ensures that multilingual content consistently meets our most exacting partner and product standards. Premier Partners form the core of our ecosystem, helping our customers build, launch and deliver industry-leading digital experiences with content.”

The Contentful Partner Program is a global ecosystem of digital agencies, system integrators, consultancies, and complementary technology providers designed to connect organizations with everything required to build, launch, and deliver digital products and experiences built on Contentful. Contentful Technology Partners bring value to customers by extending the Contentful platform with best-in-class solutions tailored to solve a customer’s critical business needs.

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About Phrase

Phrase is a world leader in AI-led translation technology, helping organizations open the door to global business by reaching more people, making deeper connections and driving faster growth across different languages and cultures.

The cloud-based Phrase Localization Platform comes equipped with all the key capabilities a business needs to drive a comprehensive localization strategy. From AI-driven machine translation and world leading translation management, to software localization, best in class workflow automation, quality evaluation and analytics. The Phrase Platform is there to connect, streamline and manage every possible translation task across the enterprise.

That’s why brands like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen, leading LSP and global SI partners, and thousands of others choose Phrase to help them form meaningful connections with millions of people to accelerate their global growth. For more information, visit

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