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MediaMath Co-Founder Greg Williams Joins Audigent as President

The programmatic ad buying innovator brings a unique skillset to the fast-growing company, ranging from his ability to harness and develop an entrepreneurial vision to instilling operational excellence. 

Audigent, the leading data activation, curation and identity platform, announced today that Greg Williams has joined the company as its President. Williams, co-founder of MediaMath and an innovator in programmatic ad buying, brings a unique skillset to the fast-growing company, ranging from his ability to harness and develop an entrepreneurial vision to instilling operational excellence. 

Williams was instrumental in building and scaling MediaMath domestically in the US and internationally, leading the organization’s international expansion in 2011 and growing that business from zero to a top revenue driver for the company in three years. During his 14 years at the company, Williams held global roles and built teams across every function of the organization — most notably leading business and market development, product development, and partnerships. Prior to co-founding MediaMath, Williams held senior positions at [X+1] (which was later acquired by RocketFuel), Nielsen, and Accenture.

“Greg has worked closely with our team over the past year and his operating experience and industry knowledge helped shape our company’s structure and strategy for the future,” said Drew Stein, Founder and CEO of Audigent. “Greg is a highly regarded professional within the industry and has already earned the utmost respect from our team. We’re all excited for Greg’s leadership and there is no doubt that his impact will be felt by Audigent’s clients, technology partners, and employees.”

In his role, Williams will be responsible for the management and operations of key aspects of Audigent’s organization. This includes Audigent’s vast portfolio of ecosystem partners, enterprise sales, marketing, and client success. Williams will also collaborate with the senior leadership team to strategically accelerate overall company growth and ensure efficient operational execution.   

“The real-time curation of first-party data and premium inventory is the next chapter of programmatic, where uniquely packaged data-driven inventory will become preferred. After serving as an advisor, it is clear why top publishers, technology partners, and marketers are choosing to work with Audigent,” said Williams. “Our technology and products are purpose built to maximize addressability at the intersection of media and data activation; all are highly curated to drive higher yields with better performance. Our roadmap could not be more clear for forging new opportunities and solidifying our role as the leader in the industry.”

​​Williams’ appointment comes at a moment for the industry when all aspects of the digital supply chain are undergoing massive transformation — from cookieless solutions, to privacy and data compliance, to unified data and media activation. Williams’ deep experience with the global digital ecosystem and supply chain will help guide Audigent to grow and scale its monetization, curation and identity platform to meet the needs of publishers, brands and agencies. This is the company’s latest major hire as it expands its leadership team to take advantage of their momentum in the market. In September, Audigent announced Dave Rosner joining as CMO. 


About Audigent

Audigent is the leading data activation, curation and identity platform.  Audigent’s pioneering data platform unlocks the power of privacy-safe, first party data to maximize addressability and monetization of media at scale without using cookies.  As one of the industry’s first data curation platforms powered by its unique identity suite (HALO ID™), Audigent is transforming the programmatic landscape with its innovative SmartPMP™ and ContextualPMP™ products, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to package and optimize consumer-safe data with premium inventory supply at scale.  Providing value and performance for the world’s largest brands and global media agencies across 100,000+ campaigns each month, Audigent’s verified, opt-in data drives monetization for premium publisher and data partners that include: Condé Nast, TransUnion, Warner Music Group, Penske, a360 Media, Fandom and many others. For more information, please visit:

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