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Marigold’s Personalized Email Platform Drives 36% Hike In Email Conversions for Camper

Key to this effort was a behavior-based targeting strategy that leveraged A/B testing

International footwear company Camper teamed up with relationship marketing solution Marigold, along with agency partner BeRepublic to roll out a personalized email campaign that ultimately drove a 36% increase in email conversions.

The goal was to maximize the performance of its annual winter sales campaign, developing an email campaign that would entice customers with attractive deals, while clearing out their inventory to make room for spring styles.

Key to this effort was a behavior-based targeting strategy that leveraged A/B testing to refine the message along the way. It used browsing data to develop tailored messaging that fit different customer needs, and tested each along the way.

The company first split its email list into customer cohorts, sending one group a personalized email, and another a generic message. This supported the marketing team’s goals to understand the impact of the personalization strategy.

The strategy helped prove the power of data-driven marketing and the value of personalized communication in driving customer engagement and conversions. Through strategic collaboration and leveraging Marigold Engage’s capabilities, Camper achieved a 36% increased conversion rate.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how Camper used email personalization to fuel conversions.

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